The air conditioning system of Les Cabanyes

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The development of 22 detached houses of Les Cabanyes is energy efficient thanks to the installation of an air conditioning system by air-water heat pump, which generates hot water by underfloor heating and air cooling, and with an independent tank of domestic hot water.

Its operation is very simple. It is based on taking advantage of the energy obtained from the outside air, to transfer it to the heating system of the house. 

First, the heat pump removes heat from the outside air, even at low temperatures, using a fan to suck air and transfer heat to the system.

Then the coolant inside the heat pump is compressed, causing the temperature to rise. This heat serves to heat the water that circulates through the heating system.

Then, the hot water produced expands through a system of pipes and radiators to heat the interior of the house.

And finally, in the months where the temperatures are warmer, the process is reversed and the heat pump can extract heat from the interior of the house, then transfer it to the outside, providing cooling. 

Floor heating uses pipes installed under the floor to distribute heat evenly. Its operation is passing hot water through the pipes, heating the floor, and emitting heat upwards. This causes the environment to heat more evenly.

For this to happen, pipes have to be installed under the floor.

Once these pipes have been installed, a heating system heats the water which is then pumped through them.

Finally, hot water circulates through the pipes, transferring its heat to the ground, which emits heat upwards and warms the environment of the house.

As you can see, this development has an efficient and sustainable air conditioning method. Find out all the details of the promotion by calling 930 26 83 32 or visiting our web.

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