Own real estate developments
  • Personalized attention with our sales team.
  • Technical advice on layouts and choice of finishes.
  • Management with clients' financial institutions to obtain financing.
  • Possibility of managing the sale of the homes of our future buyers.
  • Legal-tax advice on the sale.
Management of real estate developments
  • Study on the suitability of the technical project and contribution of improvements in the final project.
  • Real estate development feasibility study.
  • Budgetary control and treasury forecasts.
  • Necessary steps to obtain licenses, permits and authorizations.
  • Management of necessary works contracts. Presentation of construction companies with excellent quality conditions and high qualification of their technical and human team.
  • Management and contracting of insurance policies.
  • Management and contracting of services and supplies.
  • Management of the necessary procedures to carry out all kinds of public deeds.
  • Preparation of a monthly report to monitor the development.
  • Marketing of real estate. It includes the development of graphic documentation to be able to market, publications in real estate portals, publications on the web and on social networks.
  • Sale management services of the real estate development from the reservation to the public deed of sale.
  • Attention to appraisers as well as to financial entities that finance home buyers.
  • Constitution and start-up of the Community of Owners.
Real estate brokerage
  • Personalized advice tailored to customer needs.
  • Valuation of the good to be sold.
  • Management of visits to properties.
  • Preparation of contracts and reservations of the property.
  • Search for financing for the home buyer.
  • Legal-tax advice on the sale.

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